import { KitchenProvider, Badge, Button, Container, Image, Text } from "@tonightpass/kitchen";

import "@tonightpass/kitchen/fonts.css";

export default function App() {
  return (
      <Container h={"100vh"} align={"center"} justify={"center"}>
        <Container maxW={245}>
          <Container pos={"relative"}>
            <Badge pos={"absolute"} t={"small"} l={"small"}>
          <Container mt={"small"} align={"center"} justify={"space-between"} row>
            <Text weight={"bold"}>Apartment in Paris</Text>
            <Text span>{" "}
              <Text weight={"bold"} span>
              </Text>{" "}
          <Container mt={"tiny"}>
            <Text color={"lighter"}>Large 2 rooms flat with a terrace</Text>
            <Text color={"lighter"}>1 king bed</Text>
            <Text color={"lighter"}>Aug 19 - 26</Text>
          <Text color={"lighter"} mt={"tiny"}>
            <Text color={"lighter"} decoration={"line-through"} span>
            </Text>{" "}
            <Text color={"lightest"} weight={"bold"} span>
            </Text>{" "}
            <Text color={"lightest"} span>
              {"night ·"}
            </Text>{" "}
            $735 total
            <Button mt={"small"}>Book now</Button>

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